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Supported living

If you’re working in supported
living, you need to have the right information at the right time to
help everyone you support
to live life to the fullest.


Choose Nourish for the people you support

Our digital care planning is incredibly flexible, helping you to adapt to the specific needs of each person you support.   

With Nourish, you can easily keep track of outcomes and care progress all in one place. From evidencing the care that’s been given to viewing care plans, we have all the features you need. We can help you save time, spot any issues and provide best quality care. That way, the people you support can continue to live life as independently as possible.  

The benefits are clear

  • Team collaboration – everyone stays informed, keeping the whole team up to date
  • Easy adaptation – quickly adjust care plans to respond to changing needs
  • Always up to date – information is updated in real-time, making sure the right support is given at the right time

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