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A Better Life

In the hidden realms of everyday life, profound transformations unfold through acts of care, often unseen by many. In ‘A Better Life,’ we delve into an unfiltered landscape of social care, showcase the transformative power of community, and celebrate remarkable outcomes.

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Dallas Street opened in April 2018 and is a multi-occupancy core and cluster supported living service providing support and accommodation for 15 individuals with a range of support needs. The model is quite unique and one of the first of its kind, due to this and brings with it a number of different challenges.

The team have to be well trained, resilient and resourceful amongst all of the other qualities that are important in a support worker. They wear a number of different hats throughout each day, altering the style of support and varying their communication accordingly.
Lee Gilbert and others in the community play a fun game of Uno together

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A Better Life – Dallas Street