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CarePlanner is now
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Following the acquisition of the community and home care software company in October 2023, CarePlanner is now a part of Nourish.

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What is CarePlanner?

CarePlanner is a home care management software platform that offers rostering,  enables care teams to manage their time efficiently and empower carers to best support the community they work for.

In October 2023 Nourish Care acquired CarePlanner. Nourish leads the way in championing person centred care and impact based results with social care software; a philosophy that matches CarePlanner’s long standing focus on lived experience and user support. This acquisition enables Nourish to empower carers to best support their communities without sacrificing the person centred approach that has consistently defined both systems. Establishing a community for all, with a unique place for each provider.

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A person’s pathway into care is very often far from straightforward and many people want to stay at home for as long as they can. The community is the place where the magic needs to happen, so that people can be at home, supported by a digital provider that can bring everyone in the circle of care together.
Nuno Almeida Nourish CEO

Why did Nourish acquire CarePlanner?

Demand for social care is rising. Understandably, more people want to stay in their own homes for longer, empowered by their circle of care to live their lives to the fullest. There is a huge opportunity to help shape what the future of digital support for domiciliary care looks like, and it requires a extensive collaboration between providers, suppliers, Local Authorities, ICSs, the people who utilise care and their families.

“When it is done well,” Nuno said, “social care helps to weave a web of relationships in local communities that add meaning, connection and purpose to our lives. A powerful digital tool keeps everyone informed and coordinated. It also gives the person being cared for a voice. CarePlanner is an ideal partner for us because it enables us to deliver the best possible person-centred care experience in the community.”

Will CarePlanner services change?

This acquisition makes Nourish the largest software solutions for care providers in the UK, with over 320,00 people supported using Nourish systems. While that is a rather big number, it will not change the person centred approach that has guided both Nourish and CarePlanner’s development over the last decade.

Agencies who currently use CarePlanner will continue to have access to all the functions and integrations that have made it so popular. Going forwards, Nourish will offer clients the choice of using a combination of the products that suits their needs.

Nuno added: “We will do more than simply maintain those integrations, we’ll evolve them so that partners integrated with CarePlanner can deliver even more value in the future.”

Nourish’s chief product officer Jeremy Baldwin, adds: “CarePlanner has more than a decade of experience delivering software that covers all aspects of care worker management including availability, visit requests, rates, rosters, monitoring of visits, payroll, etc and will become the backbone of our range of functionality enabling us to deliver services through home care providers into the wider community.”

If you are a domiciliary provider who is interested in joining Nourish Community we have an excited team and useful resources available to support your adoption, including comprehensive support for providers who want ICS funding for the Assured Solutions List.

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