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Quick Close Tags

Record tasks faster with Quick-Close Tags. A quick tap lets you record and evidence care more efficiently.

What are Quick Close Tags?

Similar to QR Codes, Quick-Close Tags allow you to record an interaction by simply tapping on a tag in an individual’s room or area that you configure the tag to.

The Quick-Close Tags provide you and your care team with a different way of recording and evidencing care. Simple and easy to use, they create more flexibility and efficiency when carrying out certain tasks such as those listed on the right.

Night Checks
Bedroom Checks
Checkin In / Out
Turning and Positioning
Fire Door Checks
Security Checks
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Find out more about Quick Close Tags

If you are an existing client and would like to find out more about how Quick Close Tags work, then please get in touch with your account manager to discuss it further.

If you are a new customer, book your free personalised demo of the Nourish platform today to find out how Nourish can help your care service.