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Every person with a learning disability is an individual and will have different ideas about how they want to be supported and what matters to them.

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The system is very user friendly everything is easy to find and set up, setting up interaction works well, so we can build person centred documents for the individuals. I had 7 demos with other companies, and I believe Nourish is the best for my service.
Cheadle Care

The benefits of Nourish are clear

Nourish is a configurable platform so you can ensure timelines and care plans are bespoke to the individual being supported, delivering truly person-centred care.

Not only this, with all your records stored in one central location, you will have better visibility of your care service so evidencing care becomes a quicker and easier process.

Real-time care recording – capture notes at the point of care for accuracy and efficiency
Personalised care planning – create tailored care plans that embrace individual needs
Enhanced visibility – evidencing care becomes streamlined with centralised records
Seamless communication – foster stronger teamwork and collaboration
Insightful reporting – analyse and refine care strategies through customised reports
Ongoing support – count on our dedicated assistance 24/7

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