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Take your data insight reporting to the next level with Nourish Insights and Nourish Analytics.

Take your data insight reporting to the next level with Nourish Insights and Nourish Analytics. We’ll help you anticipate challenges before they happen and identify patterns, ensuring a safer service. Experience informed decision-making by using tools to analyse the health and wellbeing of the people you support.   


*Nourish Insights and Nourish Analytics are not included as standard; these are features you can bolt onto your Nourish account for an additional fee. 

Nourish Insights – watch your data come to life

Data is becoming a huge part of providing outstanding care. That’s why we’ve created Nourish Insights. It gives you greater understanding of your care service and those you support, allowing you to care better than ever before. 

With our detailed, person-centric dashboards embedded into your Nourish app, your team has the tools to analyse the health and wellbeing of those you support:  

  • Understand patterns and trends to monitor the health and wellbeing of the people you support 
  • Clear and visual representation of data that can be interacted with to understand the actions that needed to be taken 
  • Using the richness of the data to connect the dots across multiple contexts 

By using this valuable information in your care operations, you will make more strategic, safer decisions, improving the lives of those you support.

What is Nourish Insights?

Nourish Insights provides practical, everyday monitoring boards. These keep your care teams informed, in control and empowered to make better and safer decisions.  Think of them as an early warning system that can help your team to care better by identifying issues before they become problems. 

Nourish Insights can help you to:  

  • Identify trends in those you support 
  • Spot potential issues before they occur 
  • Empower your team with relevant data 
  • Have complete control over your care service 
  • Make better, safer decisions 
  • Gain deeper insight into the people in your care 
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Nourish Analytics – putting data into the hands of your leadership team

It allows you to build your own bespoke reports by integrating data from multiple sources.  

Analytics makes getting Nourish data connected to your chosen business intelligence (BI) suite simple and straightforward. Monitor, analyse and plan your business with data from Nourish brought across onto your own secure analytics server. 

We provide everything you need for your BI team to have what they need quickly and easily. The data is live, so there’s no long waits for refreshes and daily downloads. Your reports are always right up to date. 

With highly detailed data at your fingertips the possibilities are endless. Drive compliance, manage audit workflows and cross-reference staff interactions against HR records and much more.  

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There are moments when data visualisation becomes powerful. This is one of them. Just built a report using data from our Nourish Care system that could fundamentally change how we care – it’s that powerful.
Michael Butcher Blackadder Corporation

Find out how Insights and Analytics can power your organisation

If you want to take your data insight reporting to the next level, experience Nourish Insights and Nourish Analytics for yourself. Typically used in large care groups with multiple services, speak to your Customer Success Manager if you’re interested in finding out more