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PainChek® Integration

PainChek® uses AI, facial analysis, and smartphone technology to intelligently automate the pain assessment process at the point of care.

Nourish and PainChek have partnered to bring a unique solution to the Nourish community which will form part of the Pain Management collection. The unique integration with Nourish will surface key information, enabling powerful analysis alongside the rich data within Nourish to implement proactive solutions over time. With the support of PainChek technology we want to empower care teams to enhance the already expert person-centred care they provide.

What is PainChek®?

For those with care and support needs, cognitive state and the ability to reliably self-report pain will fluctuate day-to-day or even hour-to-hour. PainChek® is a clinically proven app-based medical device which supports care providers in accurately assessing and managing pain for people living with dementia or other cognitive impairment.

Two-way sync will mean client profile data contained within Nourish will be automatically synced with your PainChek profiles records, your data in Nourish and PainChek® will always stay up to date.
Surface assessment scores into Nourish to assess alongside key interactions.
Run detailed reports from the PainChek® Assessment and NRS Assessment within Nourish and overlay with the rich data in Nourish to gain deeper understanding of those you support.
Everything in one place – Nourish will become your single source of truth.
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Utilising the PainChek® app on your smartphone, PainChek® will measure micro-facial expressions indicative of pain, alongside other non-facial pain indicators to produce a pain severity score.

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Find out more about PainChek®

If you are an existing client and would like to find out more about how PainChek® works, then please get in touch with your account manager to discuss it further.

If you are a new customer, book your free personalised demo of the Nourish platform today to find out how Nourish can help your care service.