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Nourish Insights

Access powerful reporting dashboards to gain deeper understanding of your care service and those you support.

What is Nourish Insights?

As Digital Care Management continues to evolve, at Nourish we want to take your digital care experience to the next level. Data is becoming a huge part of providing outstanding care, and that is why we have created Nourish Insights, which will become an integral part of our digital care management platform, providing you with greater insight into your care service and those you support, allowing you to care better than ever before.

Nourish Insights provides practical, everyday monitoring boards to keep your care teams informed, in control and empowered to make better and safer decisions and interventions for those you support. Think of them as an early warning system that can help your team to care better by identifying issues before they become problems.

Identify trends in those you support
Spot potential issues before they occur
Empower your team with relevant data
Have complete control over your care service
Make better, safer decisions
Gain deeper insight into those you care for

How it works

Nourish Insights provides access to a series of ready-made dashboards within the Nourish Web platform. Boards are optimised to cover both clinical and care quality and operations and performance. They are tailored to meet the needs of care teams, compliance, clinicians, care managers, operations and business.

Easy and clear data visualisations
Boards built based on best practice across thousands of outstanding care services
Tailored to your care service’s needs
Easy access for care teams and managers

Find out more about Nourish Insights

If you are an existing client and would like to find out more about how Nourish Insights work, then please get in touch with your account manager to discuss it further.

If you are a new customer, book your free personalised demo of the Nourish platform today to find out how Nourish can help your care service.