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Digital Delivery
and Change Management

Moving to digital can be an easy
and seamless experience, giving
you more time with the people
you support.


Making transitioning to digital smoother.

The journey to digital is complex, even if you’re moving from one system to another.

Nourish supports our customers from the outset with a dedicated Customer Success Manager working closely with you as you transition over and you’ll also have access to ongoing 24/7 support. There will be times where extra support is needed and the good news is our Partners are on hand to help.

Change management

Many care providers express concern that their teams are not ready to go digital and that their business needs support in establishing a strategy for further digital estate planning. Our partners are steeped in experience and will ensure your move to digital is built on solid foundations.


Since staff churn rates are often high, for some care providers, it can be useful to offer dedicated training and learning on digital systems that goes beyond your Nourish implementation to aid staff retention. Our partners are on hand to support this.

Clinical safety

Our partners wrote the standards around digital clinical safety so you can rest assured you’ll be compliant and adhering to best in class standards.

Scale and pace

Implementing digital systems takes time and effort from your care teams. Our partners support overseeing project management to help minimise the pressure on your business and ensure that your implementation goes at the pace you want it to.