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We are proud to announce Nourish Care are the latest and largest social care software supplier to be fully compliant with the new Digital Social Care Records (DSCR) standards set by the Assured Solutions List (ASL), a register of digital solutions assured by NHS England. Our compliance with these standards across all forms of care reflects our commitment to the present realities and future potential of social care software. We are incredibly proud to provide best in class solutions for the over 235,000 carers using Nourish every day in a wide variety of care settings to support more than 385,000 people to live the lives they want to live; in a place they can call home.

The new compliance regulations were announced last year and Nourish has been busy ensuring that it meets each of the 14 standards. This level of screening will mean that only software suppliers who meet stringent standards will be able to remain on the NHS Assured Solutions List.

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“We welcome more robust standards in the industry. It creates greater security for care providers and those receiving care. With an ageing population in the UK and a greater demand for domiciliary care, it’s a timely move. These new standards will ensure that the care sector is more cohesive, data is protected and used in accordance with the regulatory requirements and that all providers operate at the same, high level of best practice”
Jess Osmond Head of Legal and Compliance at Nourish

The new DSCR standards, which must be fully met by everybody on the ASL, represent the next step of Social Care’s digitisation journey. An evolving emphasis on data, security and interoperability that reflects the success and potential of digital software in care. 

New DSCR Standards 

1. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery – this ensures the core provider that they will be fully equipped to provide the required services in any eventuality 

2. Clinical Safety – providers must comply with clinical risk management standard 

3. Commercial – outlines standards of behaviour for commercial relationships 

4. Data migration – to ensure data migration is safe and effective 

5. Data standards – standards for storage, management and organisation of data 

6. About Me (PRSB)* – regulations around the sharing of personal data 

7. Personalised Care and Support Plan Standard (PRSB)* – to make sure people have the right information in order to manage their own care 

8. Hosting and infrastructure – best practices for infrastructure and hosting systems 

9. Information Governance – ensures personal data remains confidential 

10. Non-Functional Questions – to ensure suppliers understand the non-functional landscape 

11. Testing – to make sure all suppliers test processes are rigorous and of a high quality 

12. Interoperability – standards and protocols to ensure that systems can work together 

13. GP Connect – to ensure the safe sharing of data held within GP IT solutions 

14. E-mail – supports the secure transmission of confidential information by NHS e-mail systems (not applicable to Nourish)

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“We’ve always operated at this level, but until now, we haven’t had to prove it to anyone outside of our users and their communities. We’ve had to go through audits and rigorous scrutiny to prove we are doing exactly what we say we are. We are delighted that we’ve been shown to fully comply with all the new standards.”
Jess Osmond Head of Legal and Compliance

You can review the Assured Solutions List and check what suppliers meet the new standards here.

Assured Solutions List

Technology for Tomorrow

Digital social care will continue to grow and develop as care providers make it a fundamental part of their processes. We at Nourish are committed to joining our users on this journey by working with them, and the Department of Health and Social care, to build a brighter, better, social care future for us all.  

If you’d like to be a part of this future contact us to learn more about how we work with our users. 

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