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News 13th March 2019

Windward Day Services: Working With Nourish

By Sarah

Windward Day Services support people to access many activities both inside and throughout the community. The tea, promote awareness for the need to be physically healthy so provide sporting opportunities through the week including swimming, football, cricket, bowling, sailing etc. The service also has a focus on independent living skills so they encourage people to develop their cooking and money skills. Windward understand that social relationships are key to the service they provide and by using group activities, such as drama, art, film-making and music, they help people to develop and maintain friendships.

Working with Nourish

“We signed up to Nourish late 2017. As someone who does not consider themselves particularly ‘tech savvy’, I have to admit to start with I was dreading it.  Our first contact with Nourish came in the form of Luis. During our initial visit, we found him to be friendly and knowledgeable about the product without having that pushy salesman approach.  Both Becky and I liked to story behind why Nourish was created, we were impressed with the system and we bought into Luis as someone who represented exactly what the company was about. Launching Nourish and getting staff to get excited about using it filled me with fear –  however, because it is so user-friendly and designed in such a way as even the most technophobic people can use it, I have honestly had no problems training staff and getting them to use it. Any issues which I’ve had have been quickly dealt with by the support team; Sylwester, Hugh and Jon answer queries promptly and in simple terms. I have no hesitation about contacting them about any issues I have.

Using Nourish has added real value to our service. You’re a great team – keep up the good work!!”

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