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News 24th November 2016

Nourish Care Management System Update

By Sarag

Our team have been working hard on a brand new series of features in the latest update to the Nourish care management system. With the UK care sector constantly evolving we’ve been on the road looking into a variety of different key issues with our, ‘Together We Care Better’ event series. The events have been aimed at gathering a deeper volume of feedback from the sector, which we have been using to help guide the development of the Nourish care management system.

These events have provided invaluable feedback in regards to care providers looking for more functionality in the way they assess the frailties and needs of those they care for. That’s why in this update we’ve brought together a host of new assessments with automatic score calculation, to help aid carers quickly and easily provide the best possible care.

Introducing our all new assessments

We’ve introduced a range of new assessments with automatic score calculation. This means you can quickly establish a person’s frailties and needs when it comes to:

  • Fibre Scoring Assessment with separate Nutritional Assessment – Following our successful nutrition and hydration seminar during with the Hampshire Care association, a range of different areas regarding best practice in nutrition and hydration assessments were discussed. We’ve taken this on board and added in two new assessments for
  • Mental Health Assessment – Based on feedback we received during the mental capacity assessments round table with Wiltshire Care Partnership we’ve added in a new assessment for mental health.
  • Falls Risk Assessment – In our upcoming mobility care planning round table we will be discussing the impact of falls on a person’s health and we’ve added in a new falls risk to help

We’ve also created a new general risk assessment, allowing you to assess risk quickly and effectively. You can see an example of the falls risk assessment below.

Falls risk assessment Nourish Example

Find out more about this update

If you’d like more information with how Nourish can empower the care you provide with a care management system, then please get in touch. One of our team of experts will be more than happy to help.

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