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News 6th August 2015

Location, location, location and people, people, people

By Nuno Almeida

At Nourish we were delighted to be mentioned in an article in the Telegraph recently about the rise of Bournemouth’s tech and creative economy.

We are proud of the beautiful region we live and work in, and it is great to see it getting recognised more widely as a place of great energy and development.

But what really makes a community are the people. We are inspired every day by the people making the tech and creative economy grow around us. One factor that we believe has been critical to the growth of the many businesses around us is the way the people have communicated. It is incredibly stimulating when people get together and share ideas about how we can all do things a little bit better than we have before.

We believe care also takes place in communities – whether the community of care staff and managers in a residential home, families and neighbours looking out for people around them, people providing care as part of their job – all of these people share the same goal and work with others in communities that care. These people also inspire us with their energy, dedication and real-life stories. Nourish exists to make their lives just a little bit easier, communication that bit smoother; because if we can give people the right tools it can make a real difference, no matter where in the world they are.

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