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News 30th March 2023

ICS Funding: What’s the catch?

By Sarah Jenkins

You may have heard about a pot of funding that is available to assist care services in transitioning from paper-based care planning to a digital social care records platform.

Depending on which ICS your care service falls in, the funding pot may vary but the funding typically covers 50% of your first year costs associated to implementing a digital care records platform. This will often additionally include financial support for your teams to receive training as well as devices. So, what’s the catch? 

Essentially, there is no catch. The funding exists to assist care services in transitioning to a digital social care records platform as part of the long-term digital transformation of the whole health and social care sector.  

Technology is already part of the government’s long term vision for health and social care and now, via the funding, care services are being encouraged to create their own long term vision for technology. The funding exists to help care services on their digital journey and work towards the March 2024 digital deadline. The funding is there to support the first year costs associated to implementing a digital social care record, so when it comes to finding a suitable digital social care records platform, ensure you fit the full cost into your long term digital plan for when the funding programme ends.  

The March 2024 digital deadline requires at least 80% of all care services use a digital social care records platform with a view that all care services will use a digital platform eventually. With the available funding and significant push for using digital social care records platforms, there is no better time to make the switch to digital than now.  

Nourish is a market leader for supporting those on their digital transformation journey. Our team is made up of people with backgrounds in health and social care who have experience and knowledge of the struggles and challenges faced by care providers. We have dedicated project management teams who are skilled in bringing large care groups from paper to digital. Not only do we have strong relationships with ICS’ around the country, but we are experienced in taking large care groups from paper to digital.  

To find out more about Nourish and how we can assist you in securing the funding, book your free personalised demo today! 

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