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News 17th August 2016

How does Nourish align with CQC guidelines and their 2021 vision?

By Sarag

CQC’s guidelines are regularly updated and are fairly well communicated via inspectors and their website. Here at Nourish we know that staying up to date with the latest regulations is incredibly important in delivering an electronic care management system that not only helps to deliver better care, but enables our clients to easily adhere to updated guidance, regulations and opinions expressed by the regulator. We aim to achieve this by consulting with a series of experts on regulatory updates and implementing their feedback into the development of our product. To make things simple, we’ve broken down several high level areas we focus our development:

How does Nourish meet CQC guidelines, advice and requirements?

  • Caring
    • By saving carers administration time we aim to effectively facilitate more 1-2-1 care. This has resulted in one of our clients seeing an increase of up to 40% of face to face care provision since adopting Nourish into their care home.
    • We know that enabling carers to provide better care is the end goal of everything we do, that’s why our team constantly takes feedback from our clients and updated our care management system accordingly.
  • Well-led
    • By choosing to use an electronic care planning system, you empower your managers to provide better care. This arises from the increased level of information that managers, operators and care staff have at their disposal, which allows them to make more informed decisions.
    • All of this information is a fantastic asset to any manager, however what makes this indispensible is the ability to generate and access customised reports in seconds. You choose what information you want and when, then the system is able to provide you with a report. Not only does this help during inpections where you might be asked to present a series of information you don’t typically access, but it gives you an extra level of information, which you can use to help guide your care.
  • Safe
    • Building on the resulting increase in information, Nourish’s care management system provides instant alert across your care teams. This allows you to actively monitor and respond to critical issues requiring staff focus.
    • Because the system provides an automatic and instant audit trail, it allows you to demonstrate, when, where and how care was provided, helping to you to provide and demonstrate safer care provision.
  • Responsive
    • Because the Nourish care management system is updated in real time, whenever you access a connected device you can instantly access up-to-date information. This allows staff and managers to make more effective decisions and respond quicker to any tasks that need addressing.
  • Effective
    • Providing effective care is an absolute must. By having a detailed background on a person’s needs, wants and requirements to hand, will help your staff to provide the most effective care possible.
    • This is also facilitated with the Nourish care management systems’ person centred timelines that all residents, service users and clients have. This means you know, when, where and how a person needs to be cared for, at your fingertips.

We’ve covered how we are currently dealing with CQC’s requirements, but ensuring that we stay up to date with upcoming regulatory trends and guidance is also taken into account.

What are we doing to ensure that we align with CQC’s 2021 vision?

The CQC 2021 vision for the next 5 years of care development breaks down into 4 key areas that we’ve listed below. Each of these key areas we’ve implemented into the development of our care management system and taken on as key goals for the business as as whole.

Encourage improvement, innovation and sustainability in care

We believe that this is absolutely key to providing a care management solution that empowers carers. We actively take feedback from our clients, industry trends and sector reports in order to improve the system and enhance the care of our clients. We also know that the care industry is going through a whole host of different challenges right now and designing an innovative system to meet these in a sustainable way is at our core

Deliver an intelligence-driven approach to regulation

Nourish helps care providers store a vast amount of information regarding the care they provide (we recently crested 2 million care records) and we are working hard to develop our system to provide ever greater insights from the care records your teams produce.

Promote a single shared view of quality

We position Nourish as a single view of your organisation’s care, therefore you can use it to produce reports and effective outcomes by unifying the way you manage care planning. As we develop we are looking to integrate a range of different ancillary technologies such as NFC and IoT  into our system. This means you’ll be able to have a single view of the care you provide, whilst benefiting from a whole host of different person-centred outcomes delivered by specialist health-tech.

Improve our efficiency and effectiveness

We allow you to share your requested information in seconds, saving both you and the inspectors’ time and allowing you an easier way to demonstrate the effectiveness of the care you provide. Our development is focused on helping you to become more efficient in your care recording, care management and ultimately the care you provide. We know that by directly listening to our clients’ feedback and implementing this into our system’s development – we will be able to consistently improve your efficiency and effectiveness as a care provider.

For more information

For more information on how Nourish can help empower your care teams then please get in touch with one of our experts or give us a call on  02380 00 22 88.

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