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News 18th December 2018

Embracing Technology: Nick’s Story

By Sarah

“I was so impressed with Nourish, I bought my own smartphone within a week.”

Millennium Care

Millennium Care provides a pathway of services across the Yorkshire region for adults with learning disabilities. Some of whom may have additional complex needs and or challenging behaviours. Millennium Care is in the unique position of being able to provide services to meet the range of needs of people with a learning disability or autism, who require support to live their life to the full. They have expertise in supporting those who have a range of complex needs, who challenge services or because of their risk issues may be unable to live independently in the community without intensive support or supervision.

Working with the technology from Nourish

Before starting their journey with Nourish, there was apprehension from some of the care team around learning new technology. One team member, in particular, Nick, had real concerns and has kindly shared his story with us:

“My name is Nick and I have worked for Millennium for 10 years. I’ve directly supported individuals in all that time and am used to writing daily notes by hand and reading copious amounts of paper support-plan documentation; both of which can be extremely time-consuming.

Before Nourish, I’d never had a smartphone before. I’d actually always avoided smartphones as I’m not the best with technology and I’ve never had a chance to learn it. That chance came earlier this year, when we implemented Nourish during a pilot, to see whether their technology could help with better record-keeping and save us all some time. The outcome? I was so impressed with Nourish, I bought my own smartphone within a week.

I can honestly say that because it’s so easy-to-use, I saw the benefits of using Nourish instantly and I quickly took to recording all of our notes digitally.

I’m now a proud, fully-fledged Nourish user and smartphone owner.”
care management software

Want to start using a care management system but concerned about introducing new technology? We understand that a system is only as good as it is easy to use – if it’s not simple, it won’t be used. Get in touch below or book a demo with us to understand how technology can work in your care service.


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