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News 22nd November 2021

Our Brand Video: Redefining quality care

By Sarah

Since 2015, Nourish Care has helped over 1,800 care providers with our flexible digital platform for care management. Our brand values and vision have always been about improving the lives of those in care, and empowering those who support them.  

Over the past couple of years, Nourish has experienced immense growth, as digital ways of working have quickly become the norm across the care sector. We have worked hard to ensure a smooth transition to digital social care for all that have joined Nourish, and it doesn’t stop there either.  

We believe in continued improvement and development, which is why we have introduced many new software features and partnered with leading integrations, as well as offering extensive and ongoing training to ensure the care providers who work with Nourish feel supported every step of the way.

Supporting care providers during COVID-19

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, we quickly adapted to ensure the Nourish platform was tailored to assist in managing the virus within care homes, and to keep everyone within the circle of care as safe as possible. 

And now, as we approach the end of 2021, 6 years after Nourish was first launched, we are incredibly proud to announce that Nourish was one of only two software providers to be assured by NHSX for its DSCR (Digital Social Care Records) Digital Purchasing System (DPS) at launch. We are also proud to partner with, and be the first accredited by, the PRSB as a Quality Partner, working to promote best practice standards for care. 

Nourish has flourished over the years by partnering with many fantastic care providers and using our combined knowledge and expertise to grow and improve the sector. As we reach this moment of greater expansion, we feel now, more than ever, the need to reflect our core values within our identity. This has led us to the creation of our most recent brand video, which you can watch below.  

 We hope you enjoy it, and see how it reflects our core values and messages.

Redefining what it means to care better

We believe that whether you’re a care home owner, manager, or member of the team, having access to cutting edge care technology and systems puts you in a position to better support those in your care.

All of our systems and solutions are tailored around the specific service you provide as well as the individual needs of those in your care. Above all else, we put person-centred care at the heart of everything we do and believe it’s the key to providing the highest quality care possible. 

For more information on what we do and who we help, discover our range of different software features. Find out what cqc have to say or book a demo to find out first-hand how a Nourish solution could help your care service today. 

If you’d like to know how Nourish can help your care service, book your free demo today.

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