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News 25th September 2018

A Seamless Handover

By Neil White

At Nourish, we’re firm believers that software in care can never be a final ‘product’ and must continually adapt and evolve as the care sector does and as the needs of care services change. That’s exactly why we work so closely with the care providers using our system to get direct feedback and suggestions of ways they believe our system could develop.

It’s because of this very feedback process that we’re proud to announce our new, seamless HANDOVER feature, that is enhancing communication and sharing of information across the care teams we work with.

This new handover design was influenced by three critical needs; to save time, to improve communication and to ensure critical care information was not overlooked or forgotten.

Time Saving

“It’s time-consuming to prepare for a handover meeting, and I’m reliant on others sharing information about what happened during a shift”

“When I’m away from the home for a day or more, it takes me a while to gather information about a resident, and often my colleagues do not remember everything”

Saving time was a critical influence for this new development. Being able to record notes with speed, using features such as the dropdowns, checkboxes and speech-to-text options, has always been a focus for us at Nourish. With this new development we have been able to take this a step further. Now, with one simple tick of a box carers will be able to share the notes they are recording directly into the days handover, should they need to.

Better Communication

“If I’m late going into shift and I miss the handover session, I may miss key messages about residents I need to be aware of”

“If I need to ask a question about a previous shift, I have to ask a senior carer, but that person may not be available at the time, so I have to wait”

The second critical influence was better communication and ensuring that information was always accessible to those that need it. With the new handover, the whole care team will always be able to see the latest handover notes for the people they care for. And if you’ve been away for a few days? No problem. You can simply click on the dates that you wish to see and read back through any important changes or developments you need to be aware of. No more searching for paperwork and no more relying on a single individual to bring you up to speed on all that’s been happening.

Now all of our carers can read when something has changed; new medication, health or wellbeing concern or if the doctor or family have been in to visit. It’s also really helped our team to share the positive news, rather than just concerns; if they had a good day, if they engaged with and enjoyed the day’s activities. The whole experience has been amazing and we feel what we’ve been able to contribute, and what we have finished with now, is a big achievement.

– Juliana, Luxury Care

Useful, Quality Information

“There might be key information gathered during the shift that I may forget to capture or mention to a senior carer, so information may get lost and that might be critical for the team coming into shift”

The final key influence was to ensure that care teams are able to record and raise useful, quality information. Using what we term the ‘timeline’, where care teams record daily interactions, we already encourage carers to record notes as they care, to ensure that information is not overlooked or forgotten. Now, carers will be able to add important interactions directly to the handover platform, so critical changes will be shared during the handover process. This means that you can now share good news just as easily as raising a concern (the red and yellow alarms); and that’s exactly what we’re hoping to encourage.

“We tested the new handovers as soon as they were ready and the feedback from the team has been overwhelmingly positive. They love that as soon as they log in the first thing they see are the handovers, and throughout the day they can go back to the handover section and reread should they need to. Key information is quick and easily accessible, right at your fingertips. It’s had a huge positive impact on communication and passing information between teams has improved greatly”

– Sonny Dhatt, Hilton Nursing Partners

We’re super confident that this redesign will save care teams time generating handover notes and will give teams greater visibility of useful information. Now everyone has the ability to view handover notes at any time, so no more searching for paperwork, or for the person who has it.

We’re hugely thankful to the excellent care providers we work with for their insight and feedback which helps us to keep on growing. A big thank you to all of our ‘beta’ clients who are the first to test all the developments that come through; and a special thank you to the teams at Luxury Care and Hilton Nursing Partners for your input and feedback.

If you would like to know more about how our handovers work, or if you would like more information on how Nourish can help save time, improve communication and access to quality information, pop your information in the ‘book a demo’ above and we’ll give you a call.

Alternatively, get in touch via or call us on 02380 002288.

We look forward to hearing from you 🙂

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