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19th April 2022

On-Site Training with Bramble Home Care

By Sophie Hibbert

On the Road Again

When the lockdown restrictions lifted just over a month ago we were able to start offering our on-site training visits again, for the first time in nearly two years!

Suffice to say, our account managers were eager to get back out on the road and meet our users face to face. They were delighted when Bramble Home Care became the first provider to request in-person training since 2020. Bramble Home Care is an independent, family run provider that works throughout Gloucestershire.

We have worked alongside Bramble since 2019, and, given their recent growth, they invited us to their offices in March to help their newer members become more familiar with the Nourish system.

Katie and Rachael led the Bramble team through a day of intensive but enjoyable training, which not only covered the Nourish system in detail, but also focussed on practical advice as to how the system would work alongside their current policies and procedures.

The day started with a general setup and review of the system. Some of the areas that we covered during this time included user roles and permissions, eMAR and the training matrix.

The training included an interactive session where all staff authenticated themselves as a carer on the system to trial the new mobile app. This was also a great opportunity to explain the new features, such as having Care Plans available via the app.

The latter part of the day was all about the best practice, and covered reviews, assessments, appraisals, staff supervisions, spot checks and 1-2-1s and how to support them with Nourish.

Getting to Know Each Other

Something that stood out to everyone after the training was how much both sides got out of the process.

“The session was really good, with lots of hands-on training as we went along,” Amanda Morgan, Operations Manager for Bramble Home Care, explained. “Nothing was too much trouble for Katie and Rachael who were so helpful. We had fun and lots of laughter and everyone learnt something, even the staff who have been using Nourish for two years!”

Our own account managers, Katie and Rachael, also had a great time. “It was so great to be able to visit our clients again. It’s been a long time and it is something I have really missed,” said Rachael Morris.

Red heart Red heart Quote
“We had fun and lots of laughter and everyone learnt something, even the staff who have been using Nourish for two years!”

“The team members at Bramble Home Care were so welcoming, they got us settled into the training room for the day. All the team members at Bramble were so friendly and they were all getting involved, asking questions and giving positive feedback all through the day.

“This onsite training was very beneficial as we were able to talk face to face and help with certain queries that can be difficult to explain on a Zoom Call. I can’t wait for the next one.”

On-site training is a great way to get to know the Nourish system in depth, and the people behind it. It’s also a great way for us to get to know you, and your requirements. And it can be fun, as well!

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