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13th November 2023

Case Study: Nexus Care Services

By Sophie Hibbert

Care is all about people, and the connections that define us, that’s why person centred care is the future of home care. Nexus Care Services embodies this philosophy in every aspect of their service. Engaging continuously with the people who utilise their care to ensure they always provide the most effective support. In Nourish they found a software solution that shared their approach, and enabled them to improve upon it. We spoke to Managing Director Umera Tinga to understand how.

“Our philosophy is pretty simple,” explained Tinga about Nexus Care Services. “We always try to exceed our clients expectations from the first contact. The reason why we do that is we identify each and every person within this industry as unique. We tailor all our services to their specific needs. We’ve been very good at doing that from our inception, our approach is always about person centred care. And in doing that, we’ve been able to grow the business successfully.”

Providing Person Centred Care

“Nourish gives us the system to be able to put all the tools together when you’re trying to provide person centred care,” continued Tinga. “You are trying to build a care plan just centred around [a client], looking at their requirements in terms of their needs, organising logistics, care requirements within a day and medication. Nourish brings all these things together. Most importantly Nourish gives you an overview and a report on how that person is doing. Over time, you can build up an evidence based approach or outcome based approach to a person’s requirements. Because the platform allows you to document everything around that person you are able to analyse trends and issues that that person is facing. The key unique thing about care planner is its simplicity. It doesn’t have too much jargon. It’s not too techie. It’s just right. It’s built around clients. And that’s what we like about it, because that’s our philosophy as well as a business.”

A Simple Set Up

It is daunting implementing or changing a software system in care. A process that can empower your service. But only if it is done the right way, and suited to the specific needs of your business.

“The [onboarding process] was quite easy,” Tinga said. “I’ve been in the industry for quite some years. So I’ve come across a lot of systems and softwares and the most important part is the onboarding process. Nourish kind of almost hand holds you through that process, in terms of being able to give them files where they can upload through CSV files, or the data into the system, having access to people that you can talk to that can coach you and train you, and talk it through and troubleshoot any issues, and having an account manager that tries to understand your business so that they can help you troubleshoot or work smarter. So the onboarding process was almost seamless, because of the tools available from Nourish that they help you with.

“The collaborative element has been very, very key. It’s very rare that you start identifying the operating system you use as a collaborative approach, in terms of the relationship managers you deal with, it feels like a partnership. We feel free to share our objectives and where we’re trying to go. We feel confident that when we tell [Nourish our objectives] you’re able to help us or design something that allows us to achieve those objectives. For a Managing Director trying to grow an empire that is very comforting, because the sky’s the limit for us.”

Supporting our Users

We learn something from the care community every day. The most important and enduring lesson is the value of connection. That’s why we focus so much on our user experience.

“You always feel that they are there, all I have to do is pick up the phone or send an email, and I’ll have a response, most of the time within 24 hours,” explained Tinga. “That is really, really good. We are quite an agile business and we are also a fast growing business, which means day in day out, you’re dealing with different problems and constantly trying to troubleshoot and learn new things. Having people on the other side of the phone that are willing to give you an instant response, or research for you, when you are trying to focus on other parts of growing your business is what we like about Nourish. The support is amazing. We never feel like we are just left to learn or finding it out for ourselves.”

Making the Right Choice for your Service

“I’ve been in the care industry for over 16 years,” Tinga said. “So I kind of understand a lot of aspects about it. What you want is a simple system that is built around your business and built around your clients.”

That’s what Nourish does. At the moment, Tech is a buzzword so everybody is putting out solutions, and the systems I’ve come across in the industry, sometimes are too techie, not very person centred or very interactive and forgetting the human element, which is the core of our business from a person centred care approach. That’s what we struggle with when I have come across other systems out there, they have the solutions, but they are just not very interactive. 

They have the solutions, but they seem prescribed, not person centred or built around your clients, so you don’t feel like you can tailor it to your business. That’s difficult because everything starts feeling like it’s cookbook solutions, just manuals that you have to follow. That doesn’t give you a lot of scope for imagination when you’re trying to be a business. It’s [imagination] that makes us unique, it’s what helps us grow, and it’s what makes us stand out.”

Red heart Red heart Quote
“Nourish is a product built for the market and it’s specifically centred around that market. As a business, part of our ability to grow has been being able to use this system and also use it as a selling point when we talk to our clients.”
Tinga Umera Managing Director

A System for the People

“The way we see it is,” Tinga concluded, “Nourish is a product built for the market and it’s specifically centred around that market. As a business, part of our ability to grow has been being able to use this system and also use it as a selling point when we talk to our clients, in terms of how we are able to read their care plans, adapt them to their needs, and their day to day requirements. That has been really instrumental for us.”

Finding the right system for your service is an ever expanding decision, one that will help shape the care you provide. We work with Care Providers to match our system to your service, your team and your philosophy, empowering providers to build the future you want for your communities, your connections and the people who define your care.

If you’d like to find out more about how Nourish can help you, book a demo today.

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