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Care Stories 13th January 2022

Case Study: The Grange Centre

By Beth Hale

We caught up with Scott Goddard, the Digital Systems Advisor at The Grange Centre, to see how they’ve been getting on since they adopted the Nourish system back in March 2020. He talks to us about his main concerns with moving from paper to digital and how their care team feels about making the switch to digital.

How do you think Nourish has helped to enhance quality care at The Grange Centre?

Nourish allows us insight into our care system that never existed before. This has really helped how we collaborate as a team and share information between departments and other healthcare professionals.

How quickly did you see the benefits of working digitally with Nourish?

Our staff started seeing improvements within the first few weeks and we transitioned from using paper and spreadsheets to Nourish very quickly. Completing interactions that capture enhanced information made an immediate difference to daily care.

What were your main fears or concerns when considering switching to a digital way of working?

My main concern was gaining the acceptance and cooperation of our care team to stop working with paper and move to using a digital platform.

How did the Nourish team help overcome these fears?

We’ve had lots of help from Nourish to answer queries and address any issues we’ve faced along the way. I wasn’t directly involved in the training in the beginning but Nourish are now arranging additional management training so that we’re all up to speed.

Have your care teams found Nourish to save them time compared to working on paper?

Most of our staff feel that Nourish saves them time, with the average being around 30 minutes per shift.

What has the ongoing support been like since going live with Nourish?

We have always received excellent service from the Nourish Online Support Team. The response time is always prompt and followed up in a professional manner.

What do you like most about using Nourish?

The ease in which you can find health-related information of the people we support across all homes.

What is your favourite feature of Nourish?

The interactions screen is great for seeing everything taking place that day and then seeing what’s been completed at the end of the day. The dashboard is also incredibly useful for seeing any open warnings.

Is there a task or process that has been greatly improved through the use of Nourish and what feature in particular has helped improve it?

At The Grange Centre we provide Skills for Life sessions for those we support. Before Nourish, the registration process was completed in a number of ways. But now our tutors can use a Nourish interaction which saves time on reporting and provides much better insights on attendance and feedback from those we support.

How has Nourish helped your care service during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Nourish has been a life saver for us from the start of the pandemic. It has allowed staff to work from home, or anywhere needed. Introducing devices to staff reduced pressure on office space and access to PCs at a time when we are ramping up infection control measures. Our staff use Nourish to log Covid-19 observations, test results and vaccinations. Nourish has made it easy to record and review this vital information across our organisation.

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