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Care Stories 3rd November 2021

Case Study: Peverel Court

By Sarag

Peverel Court Care is a group of one residential and two nursing homes, located in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. They are a long-standing family business, providing personalised care, delivered by talented and compassionate people, in exclusive and idyllic settings.

We caught up with Preet from Peverel Court Care to find out how they feel about making the switch to electronic care planning. 

How easy has the team found Nourish to use?

Nourish conducted several training sessions for the team and they were fun and informative for all. We also created our own internal Nourish competition for the best personalised interactions in the first month. Feedback from the team is that the platform is user friendly and intuitive and they would not return to paper care plans. 

How do you think the system has helped us to enhance quality care?

Nourish provides a host of personalised interactions that can be used to provide bespoke care plans. The number of daily interactions we record for our residents has increased. We interlink care plans and risk assessments and this is very helpful when reviewing care plans and conducting audits. 

What do the care team think about the Nourish System? Do they see the benefits?

The team is seeing the benefits of recording care notes in real time, and all the relevant information and notes are instantly available.

Have you had any feedback from residents or their families about us using Nourish?

Residents and families have welcomed a platform that centralises the information and is responsive to people’s needs. Nourish allows us to access the history of interactions recorded for our residents and we are able to review and evidence in a more efficient manner.

How long did it take for you to notice that Nourish was making a difference?

We noticed an almost instantaneous difference. As soon as we started migrating care plans onto the digital platform we realised the benefit of our team being able to access information in real time.

Peverel Court Care believe the future lies in digital transformation and data intelligence to support better decision-making and allow us to better predict, optimise and continue to improve care. Integrated care will be vital to the local community, and our digital care platform will assist in managing care between providers; supporting health and social care integration.

To find out more about how Nourish can benefit your care service, book your free personalised demo today! 

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