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Care Stories 6th September 2021

Case Study: Chelston Park

By Sarah Jenkins

Chelston Park offers personalised nursing care and support within a safe, homely environment. Chelston Park is a picturesque, period property modernised for the purpose of care.

Chelston Park adopted Nourish in 2019. We caught up with Business Development Manager, Edward Allistone, to find out how they’ve been getting on using Nourish.

Did you have any concerns about going digital?

We already had a digital care planning system and we had a couple of reasons for changing. Firstly, the old system was very bloated and accessing our data was getting slower and slower the more we used the system. The other shortcoming of our first digital care planning system was the unfriendly user interface. Our staff group felt comfortable with their smart phones, but less so with desktops operating systems.

How did Nourish and the team help you overcome these concerns?

Demos from the Nourish Sales team made it clear that we wouldn’t encounter the same problems with Nourish. Although the demo data was not anywhere near as full as our homes care plans and care notes, we were assured that the system wouldn’t slow down as it became populated with our client’s data.

After the best part of two years with Nourish, this has held to be true. The intuitive timeline was also a big selling point of Nourish. After 20 or so care staff used the system during a demo, it became clear that people would take to the system with relative ease. Anyone who can operate a smart phone can use Nourish.

Would you say that information is more accessible with Nourish? Describe how and why.

Alongside the timeline the critical information page shows at a glance what a carer needs to know about a client. Allergies, abilities and diet requirements are all listed here.

“Nourish has streamlined many of our processes. The ease of recording tasks and the ability to analyse data – as well as improving care here and now – gives an exciting glimpse of where care will likely go in the future “

How do you think the system has helped you to enhance quality care?

It is really easy to provide reports and written evidence to commissioners and family members about the care plans, risk assessment and daily activities of our young people. We are proud to be using Nourish and use it as a selling point.

Have you had any feedback from CQC as a result of going digital with Nourish?

Nourish makes it very easy to run audits. Any report – waterlow, weight tracking, hydration etc – can be quickly generated and this makes oversight of care less time-consuming and frees up our nurses to spend more time with those in their care. We have also opened up Nourish to our local CCG and, as well as saving administration time for reviews, we expect the extra scrutiny of our care notes will help us to improve the quality of the care we offer.

Has Nourish had a positive impact on communication within the team?

We use the messaging feature of Nourish for all on-shift communication as well as reporting maintenance issues. It works well for us.

Have you had any feedback from residents or their families about you using Nourish?

During the pandemic, we opened up the family portal to relatives. Although it took some without a clinical background a while to adjust to the language, people have reacted positively found it a comfort – especially while they have not been able to visit their loved ones.

What have you found to be the biggest time-saving feature of Nourish?

It’s a collection of things really. Nourish has helped us consolidate many systems into one place. Before, each of these systems required admin time and housekeeping, but things like maintenance reporting and how we gather data for reviews has all been streamlined by Nourish.

What has the ongoing support been like since going live with Nourish?

The support has been excellent. Features that we have asked for are taken into consideration and, in consultation with the support team, we have been able to customize the handsets with extra apps we needed for our service.

Is there a task or process that you feel has greatly improved since using Nourish?

No one thing. Nourish has streamlined many of our processes. The ease of recording tasks and the ability to analyse data – as well as improving care here and now – gives an exiting glimpse of where care will likely go in the future with the growth of wearables that track vitals and AI-assisted medicine.

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