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Care Stories 10th August 2021

Case Study: Associated Wellbeing

By Sophie Hibbert

Associated Wellbeing offer a range of Mental Health and Community services. They adopted Nourish in early 2020.

We spoke to Clinical Director, Sarah Beaumont to talk about their experience using digital care planning, and how Nourish has helped enhance their care services.

Did you have any concerns about going digital?

I was worried that staff might find the system too complicated or be reluctant to use it, meaning we’d miss out on recording vital information.

How did Nourish and the team help you overcome these concerns?

We had three days of bespoke training online via zoom which was really helpful and informative. The team allowed us to ask any questions we had, even if we felt they we’re silly, and they taught us how to tailor our system to provide totally bespoke care to our young people.

How easy have you found Nourish to use?

Very easy, it’s simple and user friendly. If you forget anything or are unsure about something, the 24/7 support is available to provide advice and guidance.

“I think Nourish has saved our staff at least 2hours per shift in recording. Also the recording on Nourish is much higher quality and more detailed due to the bespoke interaction tabs that are created.”

How do you think Nourish has helped you to enhance quality care?

It was a game changer for our company. We were struggling with data protection, accurate record keeping, and being able to recall important pieces of information. We had a focused inspection from CQC and it was really difficult to evidence our work as our record keeping was inconsistent. Nourish has enabled us to really improve our patient care and evidence the great work the team does.

What do your care team think about Nourish?

All the team have given positive feedback about the system. Training was easily done with all staff through Nourish’s train the trainer method.

Have you had any feedback from residents or their families about you using Nourish?

It is really easy to provide reports and written evidence to commissioners and family members about the care plans, risk assessment and daily activities of our young people. We are proud to be using Nourish and use it as a selling point.

Have you had any feedback from CQC as a result of going digital with Nourish?

CQC have advised us they are much happier we have an established electronic system now, as this will enable them to gather the evidence they need to rate our service much more easily.

How long did it take for you to notice that Nourish was making a difference?

We noticed almost immediately that Nourish was making a significant difference, having a single system that enables us to capture all the evidence is amazing and reduced so much stress from the leadership team.

How much more time are your staff spending with residents and families, providing face to face care because of Nourish?

The staff love the handheld devices, it allows them to record in real time and do it as they work alongside the young people. They don’t have to complete entries that are rushed at the end of a shift and don’t forget to record things as they are doing it as they go along.

How much time on average do you think Nourish has saved you and your staff?

I think Nourish has saved our staff at least 2 hours per shift in recording, also the recording on Nourish is much higher quality and more detailed due to the bespoke interaction tabs that are created.

What do you like most about using Nourish?

The system is user friendly, bespoke, and you are able to customise it to your service with ease. I have made several recommendations to other providers regarding Nourish as I would advocate all health and social care providers consider using this amazing system.

What is your favourite Nourish feature?

I love the combined care and risk plans that are categorised, and the reminders that are set to always ensure reviews are completed. I love the individual interaction tabs and being able to easily attach photos of activities and service user engagement.

Is there a task or process that you feel has greatly improved since using Nourish?

We love being able to add templates to Nourish to record progress reviews, business meetings and care planning meetings. This means we are capturing MDT reviews more effectively and efficiently.

To find out more about how Nourish can help your care service, book a demo today.

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