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Health & Wellbeing 4th July 2023

Wimbledon Activity Ideas

By Sarah Jenkins

The start of July means the start of Wimbledon, the iconic tennis match that dominates our screens throughout the month.  


Bring the feel of Wimbledon to your care service with food traditionally served at Wimbledon.  

Serve up the iconic strawberries and cream with a glass of Pimms on the side. For alcohol free alternatives, try this virgin Pimms recipe or serve strawberry lemonade. 

Have a picnic in the grounds of your care service with the favourite picnic food of the people you support with Eton Mess for dessert. Use the official Wimbledon picnics for ideas on what to serve.  

Balloon Tennis 

For keen tennis fans who want to get involved in the action, hold your own version of Wimbledon with balloons and giant rackets. This is an easy way to encourage exercise and have fun at the same time. If you have enough willing participants, start a leaderboard with prizes for the winners or just have a non-competitive group game.  

Rummage Box Reminiscence 

Put together a Wimbledon themed rummage box, ideal for starting conversations and evoking memories in a sensory based experience. You can include items such as: 

  • Tennis ball 
  • Tennis racket 
  • Photos  
  • Newspaper clippings 
  • Fruits (pineapple, strawberry) 
  • Trophy  


Get in the Wimbledon spirit with a tennis themed quiz for the people you support. You can either use these online pre-made quizzes or you can also use these interesting facts about Wimbledon to create your own quiz.  

In Nourish, you can record in a person’s care plan the things that are the most important to them, such as tennis or Wimbledon. This ensures that their interests are taken into account in activity planning. You can use Nourish to record any activities the people you support have done, you can also record them having fun by photographing their engagement in any activities if you have the necessary permissions.  

Find out more about how Nourish can help you engage the people you support and evidence their participation in activities by booking a personalised demo with our friendly team.  

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