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Care Stories 15th June 2023

Why Experience Matters: Our Journey from the Frontline to the Forefront of Digital Social Care

By Ben Roffe

Many of our team members have had first-hand experience working on the frontline, we’ve walked in your shoes, faced the challenges you face, and celebrated the victories of providing good care. This wealth of experience has shaped the Nourish Care platform into what it is today and gives us unparalleled insight into the sector and allows us to deliver a digital care records platform that truly makes a difference. 

The care experience in the Nourish team ranges from carers and activity coordinators to registered nurses and registered managers. The importance of having care experience is essential throughout our team and has shaped our team with the introduction of roles such as Clinical Lead and Safety Officer with nursing and care experience to truly put the impact and outcomes for people supported by care at the forefront of everything we do.   

Nourish Origins 

Nourish founder and CEO, Nuno Almeida spent time working in care services before the idea of Nourish had been formed. He saw care teams struggling to find time to fit their handwritten notes into their already tremendously busy day and how sometimes issues that needed to be reported slipped the net because there was no opportunity to record those concerns in the moment. He saw how many notes needed to be written to record every care interaction and to prepare for the always-looming CQC inspection. 

Nourish began with the mission to give those receiving care a voice and input on the care they receive and to give the team supporting them time to deliver truly person-centred care. 

“I volunteered with a care home and I was just a Portuguese chap that had a good enough English, able to come on in and help us with baking competitions on a Wednesday for example. When I started spending time in care homes, it became very obvious that care workers were writing a hell of a lot of notes. It is clear that carers genuinely have caring as a vocation but aren’t always confident writing notes and this can really remove motivation or joy out of the job they do. That’s where the idea of Nourish came from.” Nuno Almeida, Nourish founder and CEO.  

Understanding What’s Important 

There are things you learn while working in care than can only come from that environment. From small details like how much it costs to use agency carers and how the shifts run, to more significant issues such as statistics around falls and how knowing essential information about a person receiving care immediately can change how a person experiences care. The Nourish team started out their careers in the sector in a variety of different care services and job roles which means as a team we have great coverage of the sector. We can and regularly use our experiences to enhance our abilities at Nourish. 

“Working in care has given me a lot of insight in the best way to communicate with clients at Nourish as well as solve any problems they were facing in a clear, concise manner. Often, carers are extremely busy so I do my best to solve problems for them with as few moving parts as possible, so they can spend as much time as possible attending to residents and service users.” Customer Support Executive at Nourish, 2 years experience in care. 

We know the importance of the little things. We know the difference between feeding someone lunch and assisting someone to eat their lunch. We know the difference between giving someone a choice regarding the care they receive and assigning care based on an assumption. We know the importance of personalising care notes over the same text being copy and pasted. We know because we have experienced it first-hand.  

“Each time I deliver a Nourish training session, people will want to know how a certain feature relates to their sector specifically. By being able to personally draw on a large number of previous experiences across a multitude of care and support sectors, this helps the people being trained to use Nourish more effectively as I ‘get’ what they are needing. This creates a mutual trust pretty quickly and those being trained know that they will get what they need to put Nourish into action in their services.” Jason Hengler, 29 years experience in care, Trainer and Project Manager at Nourish. 

The Joy The Care Sector Brings 

Working in the health and social care sector is a skill that regularly goes underappreciated. The narrative surrounding the sector is often negative and the selfless hard work that goes on largely goes ignored. Many of our team have worked in care and know that it is so much more than its reputation. Health and social care is a rewarding career with a clear career path that relies on emotional intelligence, the ability to build relationships and spot signs of change. Our experience in care has given us the ability to communicate effectively with and about the people you support and first-hand experience in the feeling that comes with delivering great person-centred care.  

Nourish exists to ensure that care teams are given the opportunity to provide the best care they can by reducing administrative burdens, enhancing communication across the whole team and giving carers back time to spend on person-centred care.  

“I worked as an Activity Coordinator in care services and in the community. Unless you’ve worked in care, you can’t fully realise the feeling you get when you’ve delivered great care and seen a positive outcome for someone you are supporting. You don’t know how much the relationship you build with the people you support can affect you and bring as much joy to your life as you can bring to theirs. Knowing that feeling and being able to assist care services in achieving that feeling themselves and providing the tools to document the great care they provide makes all the difference.” Sarah Jenkins, 3 years experience in care, Marketing Executive at Nourish.  

Nourish’s Personal Approach  

Because so many of us have worked in care, we know that each service is truly unique in its approach and working ways and that is why Nourish is unique and a leader in the digital social care sector. Nourish is customisable and can be tailored to your care service’s needs entirely to ensure your care service retains what is unique about it.  

“Having been involved in a family run care home from a young age gave me a respect and understanding for the sector like no other. Knowing the pressures, the pain points and the sheer variation of the day to day really helps when thinking ‘is this new feature in the platform going to work in practice‘. The team will often hear me repeating the same thing ‘benefit vs burden’ and that comes from understanding the sector. Here at Nourish, we don’t just create a product, we genuinely aim to improve the lives of the manager, the carer and most of all the person receiving support.” Dan Hollingworth, 10 years experience in care, Product Owner at Nourish. 

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