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Care Stories 22nd July 2022

Warrington Community Living: “Nourish: the exciting new digital service helping us to deliver the very best care”

By Sarah Jenkins

Thank you to Warrington Community Living for sharing the following article on their website. We love hearing how Nourish‘s digital platform  is helping and improving care services across the country!

We have some excellent news to share with the WCL community! Our care management system (how we record, report, and coordinate the care of the people we support) has been upgraded as part of our wider mission to digitalise our operations.

The Warrington Community Living team will be using a new digital platform called Nourish – a valuable service that allows our dedicated staff to provide even more effective and person-centred care to each and every individual we support. By digitalising our care management system, our staff can quickly take notes right at the point of care, saving valuable time and greatly increasing accuracy.

We won’t get too technical with the ins and outs of the software, but in short, it means no more pens and paper and much less admin time.

How does Nourish help us deliver care?

By using this digital service, our staff can spend more meaningful moments supporting your loved ones, and less time doing paperwork.

Here are some of the brilliant things this personalised service allows us to do:

  • The ‘speech to text’ feature takes spoken word and turns it into text, meaning it’s easier and faster to capture vital information right in the moment
  • Quickly record the most loved activities of those we support, allowing family members to follow activities and plan their visits
  • Directly update care provision to all devices so at a glance all people on duty can see what support each person In their care has received and what is outstanding, in much more detail than we are able to record currently.
  • Other super helpful features include setting time-critical alert warnings, printing instant hospital admission packs and keeping a record of activities more efficiently

What differences will you see?

Without a doubt, Nourish will truly enhance the way we carry out and plan our care service.

Before the introduction of Nourish, our team had limited access to mobile devices. However, to get the best out of this service, several handsets have been purchased by WCL so that our team can truly get the best out of Nourish. You may see members of our staff interacting with phones and using the speech to text feature, but you can rest assured that they are WCL phones which are locked for WCL software use only and our team are using these devices for work (not personal use).

All in all, we’re extremely confident you’ll start to notice a huge improvement in the way we manage our care services. By making use of a service like Nourish, our staff spend less time undertaking admin work, and more time caring for the people in our community that really matter to us.

We’re improving the level of care we provide to your loved ones

We understand you may have some questions about the new system, so please feel free to contact us to find out more. Of course, Nourish has a great website too that lists all the great benefits and features that this software provides.

To find out more about how Nourish can benefit your care service, book your free personalised demo today!

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