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Toolkits 25th July 2016

The Top Ten Reasons to Adopt an Electronic Care Planning System

By Sarag

At Nourish we’ve always been about developing better ways to care and empowering people who care, so they can provide the best outcomes possible. We believe that one of the fundamental ways that care providers can improve the way that they provide care is by adopting an electronic care planning system. We know that this can sometimes be a huge shift in established behaviours and ways of working, so we’ve put together our top ten reasons why we believe adopting an electronic system will help in your care setting.

  1. Your data is backed up securely to the cloud

What this means is that whenever you enter information, care records or notes into an electronic care management system its securely backed up to servers on the cloud. Although this does require an active internet connection to achieve, this can be done easily through most handheld devices or computers, automatically – without you having to worry.

  1. Ease of entry for your care records

By entering your care notes digitally, you’ll be able to make use of a whole host of different methods to speed your recording, such as voice to text and automatic time stamps – always helpful in evidencing the care you’ve provided.

  1. Electronic care planning enables easier handovers between shifts

Because all care notes and records are able to be accessed by those who need them, you are able to provide more effective handovers between staff & shifts. Gone are the days where the night shift would be unaware of every aspect of a person’s daily care notes. Care planning systems like Nourish give your staff access to the right information, no matter their shift pattern.

  1. Save time on complicated tasks like MUST, blood pressure calculations and Waterlow scores

Because you’re entering information in an electronic format, some care management platforms are able to automatically calculate a person’s MUST score as soon as they have the required data saving you time and enabling more one-to-one care for the people in your charge.

  1. Using a care management system like Nourish facilitates person-centred care

Most electronic care planning systems don’t automatically empower person-centred care; however, Nourish is unique as its built from the ground up to put the person in care at the heart of their care management.

  1. Care managers and home owners get instant visibility to management reports and overviews

When you’re managing care provision you need to immediately be aware of what is happening in your care settings as a whole. By offering a suite of different reports and overviews electronic care management systems like Nourish are able to help care managers and senior care staff instantly gain an overview of the care provided and help identify changes, which need to be made.

  1. Send messages to team members instantly even if they’re not on shift

Nourish provides an instant messaging function to users of the system, this allows care team members to immediately communicate as long as they’re with their handheld device.

  1. Provide more effective care with enhanced features provided by electronic care planning

Overall the features that are available from electronic care planning systems like Nourish are there to help empower your care team to provide more effective care. All of the designs, inputs and reporting are structured in such a way to provide your care teams with the information they need, when they need it.

  1. Team based warnings and notifications

My care team are always aware of the issues that are currently at hand. By having all devices setup to receive warnings when certain tasks aren’t completed we are able to prioritise actions and work more effectively.

  1. Full person-centred care records are available at the touch of a button

We’ve designed Nourish from the ground up to support those who provide and receive care. At the touch of a button you can bring up a person’s full care record enabling carers to provide truly person-centred and positive care, with the most minimal amount of administration.

How can Nourish help with switching to electronic care planning?

If you would like to find out more about adopting the benefits of an electronic care planning system into your care setting, then please don’t hesitate to book a demonstration or give us a call on 02380 00 22 33. It really is very simple and as our previous post, “how quickly can a care provider go online with Nourish?” can help give you an idea.

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