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Homecare 12th January 2024

The benefits of Nourish Community for Domiciliary Care

By Lorcán Murray

Domiciliary care is rooted in our communities. It takes place in our living rooms, our gardens, and on the streets where we grew up. It is by design and ambition people driven and person centred. Nourish Community is the exact same. Our system is built alongside care providers, with functionality that brings together the potential of digital with the vitality of human experience in home care, empowering providers to support their communities effectively and empathetically. Digital records, real time appointment notes, a comprehensive carer app, and many more features make up the core of Nourish Community, but it is our focus on lived experience, and the ability to measure and review such experiences, that makes our system the best at supporting person centred care in people’s homes. In this blog we’ll cover the host of benefits that come with embracing digital records and workforce management for your domiciliary service with Nourish Community.

The Person Centred Power of Going Digital 

The most obvious benefit of going digital is the efficiency it can bring to a home care service. It is widely known how much time providers can save by digitising their processes. Nourish Community gives providers the tools to improve efficiency and crucially, increase their oversight into the workings of your service. By reporting people’s care digitally it is easier to review and improve upon it. Carers can share notes from their calls, coordinators can view trends over time and the people utilising the service can become involved in decision making. Knowledge is power, and with Nourish Community your team will have all the knowledge they need, in one place and on the go, to provide truly outstanding care. 

Starting on the Right Foot with Implementation 

Digital functionality is powerful, but it can be misdirected. It is crucial that your system is shaped to your service, supporting the unique way you provide care in your community. We provide all Nourish Community users with a dedicated point of contact to make sure you are getting everything you need from our system. With robust training and onboarding, your point of contact will learn about your service as you learn about our system, building an understanding and teamwork that will guide you through your digital journey with Nourish Community. So you have a smooth implementation and sound system.

Effective Functionality

Through our hands-on approach, we come to understand the intricacies of your service as you learn how to best apply our system, with the end result being an effective, caring and responsive approach to person centred care for those you support. We have a suite of features that can be tailored to the needs of your service. Our assessments ensure your care plans are comprehensive, and with our trends and reporting features you can simply review and adjust your ongoing care as desired. 

Your Back Office Backbone

Nourish Community backs up its powerful point of care functionality with best in class admin features as well, giving you every tool you need to focus on providing outstanding care. Our scheduling and invoicing features simplify your administration and provide functionality for long term planning and consistently recurring schedules. Workforce management is supported with the ability to book training, time off and sickness, so you can create both ‘carer’ and ‘client’ profiles that are always developing (just like the people themselves).

Community Care in your Pocket

The Nourish Community Mobile App gives your carers all the tools they need to support your community. Timetables and travel destinations are included, along with appointment notes, electronic call monitoring, eMAR and more so your carers get to the right place, at the right time, with the right information! The app even works when there is no internet because we all know those pesky black spots can crop up!

Using Data to Support Outstanding Care
Data is a hot topic these days, abstract as the term can become. With Nourish Community we are focussed on making data tangible and applicable in real terms for home care providers. For example, our ‘recommend a carer’ feature draws upon information you have added into your system, and graded on a scale you can adjust, to find the best partnerships between carers and clients in your community. The data is all there, and we give you the tools to apply it effectively, using data points like travel time, carer skills or appointment history. Data is a powerful tool, one we have previously explored the benefits of. We are taking data and making it real for people who utilise care, people who provide care, and the communities who are shaped by it.

Care-centred community

Home care, domiciliary care, community care, whichever name it takes, the purpose is always the same, freedom. People who utilise care in their own homes want to be empowered, elevated by their service so they can continue to live their lives to the fullest. Nourish Community combines a digital system with a comprehensive data infrastructure and an internationally recognised user experience under that one defining goal. Empowerment, from our living rooms, gardens and communities, to wherever it needs to be.

Find out more about how we can empower your community here.

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