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Homecare 25th January 2024

Taking the Pain out of Digitising Home Care

By Lorcán Murray

We get it, you’re sick of hearing ‘we get it’. Social care is defined by the uniqueness of care providers and the communities they support. At Nourish Care we are defined by the lessons we’ve learned from working with care providers and creating digital solutions alongside them. From joining our platform, to helping extend it to the families of the people utilising your service, we are a community effort, and we have the functionality and flexibility to work with yours. 

Matching the Needs of your Service

Customisability is essential in digital care software. In order for your service to fit a system, said system needs to have the flexibility to be shaped to your service. Our functionality is rooted in best practice and supported by the comprehensive assessment and interaction libraries our clinical team have developed alongside our users. Each Nourish Community user has a dedicated Customer Success Manager to work with them and make sure you get everything you need from our system.

Getting Onboard

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will be a key part of your digital transformation with us. They guide you through your onboarding, learning about your service throughout the process. We know that a good start is half the battle and this approach helps us focus our functionality and match it to the needs of your team and community, helping your team to build their digital confidence throughout the process. Alongside our thorough initial training and set up we also provide a wealth of supporting resources and an expert support team who are only a phone call away if you need extra help.

Circle of Care

Care impacts every aspect of a person’s life, vibrating out along the connections we spend our lives building. It is only natural that these connections will want to know more about the care their loved ones receive. Our ‘Circle of Care’ feature enables you to open up your service to trusted individuals securely. You retain control over the level of access they have, allowing you to share the outstanding care your team provides with the community of the person you are supporting. ‘Wrap around’ and ‘person centred care’ can mean different things to different people, and with Nourish Community you are well equipped for every iteration.

Digital Security for Home Care

Social care providers are entrusted with a significant amount of private information on behalf of the people they are supporting. This means you need a system you can trust to stay secure against cyber threats. We are dedicated to protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data with our cloud-based system and permanent record keeping. We have multiple security accreditations: ISO 27001:2022, Cyber Essentials Plus, DPST Toolkit, and membership of the NHS Assured Solution List.

The Right Decision

Integrity is crucial in digital security and social action. We stand proudly by the standard we set for honesty. If we feel we are not the right fit for your service we will tell you, rather than trying to lock you into a long contract with promises of tomorrow. With our best in class functionality, collaborative approach and award winning support, joining Nourish Community is like any other community, but no other system, find out more.

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