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We have just exhibited at the Bournemouth Care Show where we had another opportunity to talk to a large number of care providers in two days.

We love meeting people who are at the forefront of care, people who truly understand what it is about because they are there, bringing care to people who need it most.

We heard plenty of great stories. Our care product is now in use up and down the country. Because we can now use technology to help make sure that very long list of care essentials is managed smarter, there is more time to look at how care can be even better. People are talking about how they can make families feel and be even more involved, and most importantly, how care can be truly all about the person.

We are all human and we can now use technology to bring even more of our human side into care. We have seen imagination in care, things that make people smile, and laugh, and enjoy themselves. We have seen more Wii consoles, holidays and daytrips, but there is plenty of smart thinking behind this. Events and activities can be recorded and then built into daily memory games. This kind of thinking not only improves quality of care, but is motivating for staff, and helps everyone take a step back and be reminded of what care is about: helping people enjoy the best quality of life possible.

We need this kind of innovative thinking to take us to our vision of care in the future. There are tools we have, like digital care recording, and tools we can expand further – like Internet of Things and consumer wearable devices. These give us the opportunity to revolutionise the way we think, and do, care. Together, we can make the focus less about selling hours of care or beds, and more about wellbeing, peace of mind, and making care smarter, and better. We’re here for that journey.