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Events & Talks 27th September 2023

Professional Care Workers Week 2023

By Lorcán Murray

Why Professional Care Workers Week?

In the UK, the Care Workers Charity (CWC) provides support to carers throughout the year. In challenging times, they are often the lifeline that keeps carers afloat. The CWC also challenges misconceptions and helps shine a light on wonderful relationships, as well as many of the challenges that exist when providing care to others.

Our partnership with the Care Workers’ Charity enables us to support their efforts. So we look forward to every year’s Professional Care Workers Week, where we are able to participate, learn, and celebrate the wonderful world of care and the staff that make it happen.

Professional Care Workers Week Event Guide

Professional Care Workers Week Events

This year we enjoyed many fantastic talks and activities. Monday was spent learning about the realities of social care, how it affects those around us, and how we can drive change and have an impact. It was an empowering day filled with insights, followed on Tuesday by a roundtable on the future of the social care workforce. During the morning roundtable, prominent leaders led discussions, followed by a roundtable led by carers themselves in the afternoon.

Wednesday offered a chance for reflection and self care in the form of a wellbeing seminar led by the Voices of Care podcast host Suhail Mirza and the Care Workers’ Charity’s always inspirational Karolina Gerlich.

Tea Afternoon

Thursday was the day we had been waiting for the most. While we enjoyed taking part in the charity run the previous year, we (our knees) decided it would be better to focus on more sitting based fundraising activities this time.

What better way to enjoy sitting than with a cup of tea and some friends?

Professional Care Workers Week Cupcakes
Professional Care Workers Week Winnie Lurking

A great time was had by all sharing stories and munching on homemade snacks. In order to participate, several people made the trip into the office. This allowed us to catch up with old friends and relax. All for a worthy cause!

Preparing for The Care Show

We also took it as an opportunity to practise some of our games before The Care Show in October. With the games getting a little competitive it was a great chance to test the rules and make sure everything was working before our trip to the NEC.

House of Cards
Professional Care Workers Week The Care Show Multitasking game
Many hats!

Closing Thoughts

The posts of people heading out on the South Downs Trek came through on Friday morning, reminding us of last year’s endeavours, and the people who this week celebrates annually. Professional Care Workers Week is a great time to raise money, but also to take time to appreciate the incredible effort and passion carers contribute to our communities every day.

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