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Events & Talks 4th November 2014

Nourish set for launch at the Care Show 2014

By Nuno Almeida

Nourish is proud to announce the launch of a game changing care management product. Writing notes and handling paper records are recurrently quoted as leading contributors to loss of productivity from care providers, and motivation from carers. Nourish removes the chore from daily note recording and care plan updating.

With an all new care integration product, combined with carefully designed mobile apps, Nourish enables carers to record tasks and outcomes on the go. Nourish has managed to bring back the joy of caring, and remove some of the most resource heavy aspects of the job.

Nourish’s apps are completely driven by a secure cloud care plan. This care plan is then used to coordinate everyone who needs to stay in the loop, reducing overall disconnect between families, carers and commissioners. The company is therefore enabling providers to step forward in full alignment with the guidelines of the upcoming Care Act 2015 in all aspects of care integration, community and family engagement in care provision and reporting. Care providers can in turn engage families by offering a secure app to the next of kin, who can stay in the loop of the care being provided.

Nourish Care is exhibiting at stand D14, Birmingham Care Show, 4-5 November 2014.

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