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Health & Wellbeing 12th April 2023

Move More Month

By Sarah Jenkins

Move More Month in April is an annual celebration that encourages individuals to move more and sit less in their daily lives. Encouraging moving more in care services is important because of the positive impact on health and wellbeing, particularly for older people in care who are susceptible to health conditions such as contractures.   

There are many ways care services can participate in Move More Month. 

Organise a steps challenge 

Encourage staff and residents to get moving by organising a step challenge. Participants can track their steps or distance and compete against each other or work together towards a shared goal suitable for the people you support. This can be a great way to build camaraderie, competitiveness and promote physical activity.  

Host a fitness class 

There are many available exercise classes that specialise in hosting for care services from ballet to yoga to tai chi and will often have a free trial for the first session. Even using a singer can encourage dancing from the people you support. Exercise class participation doesn’t have to include full body movement, smaller movements such as clapping and foot tapping all bring their own benefits.  

Walking groups 

Walking groups are a simple and effective way to encourage moving more. Set up designated walking routes around the service or nearby community and invite the people you support to join in. Depending on the location of the walking route, perhaps set up a treasure hunt or nature spotting sheet to give the walk purpose. Walking groups can be a great opportunity to socialize, enjoy the outdoors and nature, and improve physical health. 

Encourage active games and hobbies 

In addition to formal exercise, there are other activities and hobbies that encourage movement such as balloon tennis, gardening, giant parachute, hoopla or boules to encourage movement. These activities can promote movement and socialization while providing a fun and engaging way to stay active.  

Participating in Move More Month can have significant benefits for the people you support. By promoting physical activity and movement, care services can improve overall health and wellbeing, reduce the risk of injury, build a sense of community and camaraderie and have fun. By using digital care planning software such as Nourish, you are able to record a person’s likes and dislikes, mobility and log what activities they have engaged with including pictures

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