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Health & Wellbeing 4th May 2023

King’s Coronation Activities

By Sarah Jenkins

The Coronation of King Charles presents many opportunities for activities for the people you support from arts and crafts to enjoying tasty traditional food.  

Street party  

Decorate your care service with Union Jack bunting, tablecloths and offer handheld flags. Play classic British songs throughout the years or use a pre-set playlist on Spotify.  

Serve a buffet with traditional food such as coronation chicken, Pimm’s or a non-alcoholic alternative and Victoria sponge cake.  

Paint a royal portrait  

Using these royal portrait frames, organise a painting session with the people you support. Can they paint a royal portrait of themselves, a friend or King Charles himself?  


Can the people you support remember the Queen’s coronation or did they celebrate any Jubilees over their lifetime? Here are some facts about the Queen’s coronation, how much of it will be similar to today? 

Many newspapers are likely to have a royal special segment for the coronation with photos of King Charles throughout his life. Using these and other available material online, go through King Charles’ life history. How many significant events or styles can the people you support remember? 

Decorate crowns  

Using card, cut and decorate a crown each with the people you support. If they were a royal, what would their crown look like? Alternatively, you can purchase already made crowns and decorate those with various crafting items.  

Message for the King 

What advice do the people you support have for the King? Or what would they do if they were a ruling monarch for the day?  

Don’t forget to log all of the activities the people you support participate in on Nourish and upload photos of them having fun.  

Find out more about how Nourish can support you to showcase activity participation in the care notes of the people you support by booking a personalised demo today

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