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Toolkits 4th August 2016

Integrated Person-Centred Care Planning: Beyond The Buzzwords

By Luis Zenha-Rela

Let’s face it, when you work in care there can seem to be an overwhelming number of different buzzwords, jargon and acronyms involved in the information you get given. This is especially true when you look at the practices involved with providing people with good quality care. Today we’re going to be looking into integrated person-centred care planning – we’ll help you to demystify the term and try to encourage you to adopt the practices it involves into your care provision.

What does person-centred really mean?

To begin with we’ll be looking at what “person-centred” actually means in regards to care. Simply put, it’s a shortened way of expressing the creation of a series of activities aligned to specifically cater for a person and their requirements. In a way it’s how you choose to culminate your care pathways & activities in a bespoke manner to provide someone with actions, activities and results that are focused totally on the individual. 

How does it apply to care planning?

Person-centred, applies to care planning, when you take into account the clinical, holistic, desires, needs and wants of person when creating their care plans. It doesn’t stop there, however and in order to be truly person-centred, care plans must be created collaboratively with the person in control of the care interventions they want to accept, how they wish to receive them and designed to enable the person at every opportunity.

So what does integrated person-centred care planning actually mean?

Here’s where things get a bit trickier. In order to provide integrated person-centred care planning, care professionals from all areas need to work together in order to ensure that the person in care has a seamless provision of their care, no matter the setting. When you have a person whose care requires the interventions from a variety of different social care and healthcare organisations, this can become fairly complex and has only realistically been achievable with the introduction of electronic health records and electronic care planning systems.

How can using Nourish help empower your person-centred care planning?

Here at Nourish we focus firmly on empowering person-centred care for those who provide and are in care. You can read more about our vision in our recent article on “framing personhood to manage frailty, needs and wants” from our founder Nuno Almeida. It’s why we’ve designed the Nourish system from the ground up to help enable people to receive tailored care and empower carers to do just that.

Person-centred care planning with Nourish

Nourish’s care planning system helps care workers, care teams, care managers and senior care providers with person-centred care planning by:

  • Focusing care notes and care plans in a completely Person-centred manner. This is done from the central timeline of tasks, all of which are created bespoke to the the service user, resident or the person being cared for.
  • The system is designed from the ground up to be simple to use for carers, it frees up time that was previously spent on administration and allows care providers to focus on providing more one-to-one care.
  • Care teams have the ability to record, understand care notes easily enabling scenarios where care is easily tailored and personalised in delivery.
  • We’ve spent a huge amount of time designing the Nourish system to help communication between care teams. This means that it can be used to directly help to engage carers, even between locations and shifts.
  • The Nourish system contains dedicated information sections regarding personal preferences . This means that carers can quickly establish a person’s wants, needs and desires instead of just focusing on their frailties.
  • Carers can implement a whole host of different customised preferences such as Gold Standard Frameworks, MUST, Waterlow and more. This helps carers to easily keep track of a person’s health and access the right information to support customised health interventions at the touch of a button.

Interested in finding out more information?

Our team of experts are always happy to help talk through how the Nourish system empowers care teams and care providers – talk to us today to find out more.

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