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Events & Talks 3rd November 2022

What Digital Data Means for the Future of Falls Prevention

By Sarah Jenkins

On Wednesday 23rd November 2022, we were proud to host the webinar ‘What Digital Data Means for the Future of Falls Prevention’ alongside the NCF and the University of Nottingham. You can view a recording of this webinar on this page. 

People who live in care homes have an increased risk of falling. Falls are common, harmful, costly, and difficult to prevent. This joint webinar covered how can we be effective and learn quickly from data insights surrounding falls prevention, what research has been done, what the future of falls prevention could look like and the impact digital data can make in the prevention of falls. 

The Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF) reported that in 2017 to 2018 there were around 220,160 emergency hospital admissions related to falls among patients aged 65 and over, with around 146,665 (66.6%) of these patients aged 80 and over.  

This webinar was led by Nourish’s Chief Product Officer Jeremy Baldwin, and NCF’s Digital Transformation Lead Adam Hunt. Dr Fran Allen, Research Fellow from the University of Nottingham also shared insights about the Action Falls programme (formally GtACH) which trains and supports care home staff to identify the reasons why residents fall and then guides them to complete actions to reduce falls. In a large multicentre randomised controlled trial called the FinCH trial, the Action Falls Programme was cost-effective and reduced falls by 43%. 

You will take away from this webinar recording:  

  • How digital data is currently helping to reduce falls  
  • What lessons can be learnt from using digital data to analyse incidents to help to prevent future ones  
  • What does current research tell us about falls prevention management – Dr Fran Allen will be sharing insights from the ongoing Action Falls programme being led by Nottingham University  
  • How the quality and quantity of data can support existing and future research, and how you and your care team could get involved 

You can watch the full webinar recording here:


National Care Forum 

NCF is the membership organisation for not-for-profit organisations in the care and support sector. NCF members collectively deliver more than £2.3 billion of social care support to over 218,000 people in 8,200 care and support settings. Employing more than 117,000 colleagues and 14,000 volunteers. 

Adam Hunt, Digital Transformation Lead, NCF

Adam joined NCF in January 2022 as one of our Digital Transformation Leads. Adam has previously worked in the role of Digital and Technology lead, for a large not-for-profit care provider alongside promoting and supporting the adoption of assistive and enabling technology. 

Adam has also managed day and community services, co-produced person-centred support in registered settings and delivered capacity building projects for small-medium sized charities. Adam brings his passion for new and innovative tech, user-centred design and co-production to this role and wants to see a future where people who receive care are at the heart of tech solutions, enabling more choice and control about the life they choose to live.  

Dr Fran Allen, Research Fellow, University of Nottingham  

Dr Fran Allen is a Chartered Physiotherapist and Research Fellow in the Centre for Rehabilitation and Ageing Research within the University of Nottingham Medical School. Following a clinical career specialising community rehabilitation and falls prevention, Fran completed her PhD at the University of Warwick before moving to the University of Nottingham to work as part of the Falls in Care Homes Study (FinCH) team. Fran has a special interest in falls prevention and is currently coordinating the National FinCH Implementation study and leading work looking at falls prevention in hospice care.   

Nourish Care 

Nourish is a flexible digital care planning platform. With features including reporting, analytics, custom interactions and personalised timelines, the circle of care is continually informed, giving more time for person-centred care. Working with 3,500 services within a variety of care settings, Nourish is also an NHS Transformation Directorate Assured Supplier. 

Jeremy Baldwin, Chief Product Officer, Nourish Care  

Jeremy is Chief Product Officer at Nourish, responsible for the roadmap and developing relationships with clinical and care experts to champion best practice standards for care.  Jeremy has extensive experience in delivering transformative digital products and services in a variety of sectors. At Nourish, he focuses on how digital and data can improve the everyday challenges of providing health and social care and help transform practice across the sector as a whole.

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