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Care Stories 23rd May 2022

Avante Care & Support: Bridge Haven in Canterbury introduces Nourish care planning technology

By Sarah Jenkins

Thank you to Avante Care & Support for sharing the following article on their website. We love hearing how Nourish is helping and improving care services across the country!

Bridge Haven care home has introduced Nourish, an app-based care management platform that will enable Avante Care & Support to remove paper care plans entirely.

Other benefits include creating consistent reporting across the home, less data input duplication, and quicker access to historical resident data.

Bridge Haven is a popular care home located in the heart of the picturesque village of Bridge; it’s a vibrant care home community with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Residents enjoy activities, go on outings, and have plenty of opportunities to socialise with other residents and staff.

At the heart of Bridge Haven’s care delivery ethos is the Eden Alternative approach. By following this framework, staff can ensure the overall well-being and excellent care delivery for all residents. Staff encourage social interaction and work towards eradicating loneliness and boredom.

Anita Easton, Acting Home Manager, said, We are delighted to be working with Nourish electronic care planning system. We can now input information at the point of contact, allowing for a more in-depth and person-centred assessment of our residents’ personal and practical care needs and, most importantly, more quality time to spend with the residents.’

Bridge Haven care home has a wealth of specialised resources to support individuals living with dementia. The introduction of Nourish will allow more community engagement and support more daily activities for our residents, ensuring that every resident has a vibrant and fulfilling life.

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