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Health & Wellbeing 10th August 2023

Activity Ideas: Armchair Travel

By Sarah Jenkins

Armchair Travel is an easy way to get the people you support involved in an immersive experience. By implementing Armchair Travel days into your care service’s activity programme, you can evoke memories of past holidays, learn something new and fuel the adventurous side of the people you support.  

Armchair Travel can be enjoyed by everyone and, in a lot of ways, already is. Travel documentaries, vlogs and blogs are very popular and it’s always fun to see someone’s holiday snaps when they’ve returned from holiday.  

Go the extra mile 

To really create the holiday atmosphere, give the people you support passports and tickets with their flight time, flight terminal, seat number and holiday destination on. With the help of your care team, make an area of your care service look like an aeroplane, stamp their passports and tickets and sit them in their seat and simulate an air journey. Bring a trolley through with snacks, do flight demonstrations, you could even wear an air steward outfit.  


Decorate your main Armchair Travel area in the theme of the country you have chosen. Use images of key landmarks or scenery for posters, any essential oils that match up with the destination you have chosen. Play traditional music to set the atmosphere and use any other items that will really make it feel like you’re in that country.  

Food & Drink 

For the menu of today, serve traditional or famed food, drink and snacks from the country you have chosen. While you are dining on food from around the world, share facts about traditions and etiquette from the country you have travelled to.  

Ensure there are alternatives for anyone who likes or requires a particular diet. With Nourish you can see quickly and easily who has an allergy or dietary requirements to assist your activity coordinators and kitchen team with planning a menu.  

Travel Itinerary 

You can take part in various activities to enjoy the country you are visiting, from learning basic phrases if the country speaks a different language or have a themed quiz and learn some new facts. If anyone in your service has visited this country before, find out what memories they have of the holiday. You could watch a virtual tour of a landmark and play bingo with things to spot during the video tour. You could colour and decorate postcards and take holiday photos and create a scrapbook for your service and your armchair travels.  

How can Nourish help?

In the Nourish care plan, you can record a person’s history, likes, dislikes and more. In here you can note memorable holidays and significant travel memories, destinations and interests. To find out how the Nourish platform can assist you in evidencing your activity programme, book a personalised demonstration with our friendly team.

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