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Toolkits 16th December 2022

How to meet the 2024 digital care records deadline

By Sarah Jenkins

The 2024 digital deadline is fast approaching. How can you ensure your care service is on track to meet the digital deadline?

What is the deadline?

By 2024, the Department of Health & Social Care aims for all (but at least 80%) of care providers to be using a digital care management platform. This deadline is the first marker of progress for the long term digital transformation of the whole sector, as set out in their ‘Plan for digital health and social care’ and the vision for a digitally-enabled health and social care system.

Why is there a deadline?

The deadline exists to ensure that health and social care is sustainable in the long term and digital transformation for care providers is the logical first step. The deadline also serves to ensure that the advancements in digital health and social care made during the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Digital is the way forward

Using digital care management is becoming essential for care providers. With a digital platform, care teams can track incidents and events, and by analysing the data recorded, potentially prevent such incidents happening again in the future. Having everything all in one place,  without paper weighing you down and taking up your time, will have a huge impact on your care service and how you deliver and coordinate care.

“The long-term sustainability of health and social care is dependent on having the right digital foundations in place, and so digital transformation must be the linchpin upon which all of these reforms are based.” – Sajid Javid, Former Secretary of State for Health and Social Care

Where to begin with going digital?

Deciding to go digital is the easy part. How do you then decide which platform provider to entrust with digital care planning? There’s a host of things to consider and we’ve created a handy checklist to help make sense of it all and what the most important things to look for when choosing a new digital platform provider.

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