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Care Monitoring

Our comprehensive reports and dashboards enable you to get a more comprehensive view of the care you’re providing and help you to make better decisions for the people you support.


Instant reports at the click of a button

In-app reporting means Managers can swiftly report on day-to-day care interactions instantly. Our flexible reports cover a wide range of areas such as daily fluid intake, activities or even GP visits over the last 5 years. Whatever you need to know, Nourish can support you with capturing the information you need, what’s more you can extract the data in a variety of formats for analysis.   


Deeper exploration of your data, tied together in a single view  

Comprehensive data at your fingertips, accessible through user-friendly dashboards. Gain unparalleled visibility into key performance indicators, enabling greater oversight, strategic decision-making and faster intervention.    

  • Overview of key business metrics including occupancy and staff levels  
  • Identify areas of care and support plans that require review for improved performance and compliance   
  • Monitor and flag warnings to ensure issues have been responded to and nothing is being missed 
  • Prioritise your care plan reviews and keep them up to date 

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