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Care Delivery

Utilise cutting-edge technology to help improve efficiencies, streamline service and enable your team to spend more quality time with the people you care for.



No two individuals are the same, we all have our own preferences and needs, and this goes for the type of care and support we require as well. Each person you support will have their own Timeline, customisable depending on their needs, service and organisation needs. Care teams can see and adhere to the person’s preferences and requirements at the point of care. No more searching through care plans or delivering care on a one size fits all basis. At Nourish, everything is truly person-centered.


  • See what care has and hasn’t been provided
  • Care teams know exactly what is to happen next
  • Define which roles will action certain tasks

Asset Library  

Keep track of important documents, instructions, guidance notes and photos for ongoing care and support. Take photos direct from the app and upload to relevant care interactions to provide context. Capture moments in time and evidence the care you provide to Inspectors. Photograph activities, belongings, attach letters and documentation and manage from a central place so nothing gets missed.  

  • Important documents housed in one place for ease 
  • Document trail for compliance 
  • Supporting documents and guidance notes available to care teams at the click of a button  

Incident Management

Respond and escalate incidents the right way to improve care quality across your service. 

Managing an incident can be complex with several steps to take to ensure the incident has been fully reviewed and preventative measures put in place. Incident Management protocol will prompt care teams to take follow up action ensuring key tasks have been addressed and completed in a timely manner. 

What does this mean for carers? 

  • Provides structure and routine 
  • Drives efficiencies and confidence 
  • Improves communication 

What does this mean for managers? 

  • Improved response with email escalations  
  • Improved reporting and evidencing of care 
  • Better understanding of events to identify inefficiencies and make improvements 
  • Greater oversight into incident status and escalations 
  • Increased levels of confidence that tasks are being completed on time 

Device Management

Device Management allows care providers to control which devices can access Nourish. Managers can approve or deny access, providing greater control and minimise the risk of a data breach.  

Enforce a two-step authentication
Revoke access when necessary
Manage which devices can access nourish
Reduce risk of a data breach